Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Biting My Nails

I'm sitting at home with a two-and-half year old son who is running a fever, biting my nails while my husband is forced to work in another state and only able to come home on weekends.  I'm biting my nails over the presidential election in hopes that something may change.  As the saying goes "Something's gotta give"  -- eventually there have to be more jobs created... more jobs closer to home.

Right now, we are struggling.  We are fighting for a chance to have a "normal" family life.  Fighting for the right as American citizens who pay taxes to live near our families with a job that can support us.

A couple of years ago my DH was out of work and we were forced to seek public assistance only to find the doors were closed to us because we were doing all we could (selling off our retirement funds) to keep our home.  Now is the time for real change. Now is the time for the economy to turn around.

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