Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Change can be good

Right now I am sitting here watching my son sleep and contemplating what the future will bring.  Sometimes change is a good thing, other times not so much.  With the election going on today I can't stop thinking how will the results impact him 20 years from now...  how will it impact our lives, the economy, the social policies.  Presidents don't just lead for four years, they leave a legacy for many generations to come.

In his mind, the biggest worry at two-years-old is what he wants to eat for lunch or which toy he wants to play with.  If only life would continue to be that simple for him for the rest of his journey.  

As parents we have the responsibility to care for our children, to love them unconditionally, to raise them to be an asset to the world.  So many children are left behind so as society we need to bring them up.  

As today is election day in the United States, please please please take the time out to vote.  Vote for whomever you believe can make a difference in the lives of Americans.  Vote for who you are passionate about.  Vote for who you feel can make America strong.  

My vote has been cast for the person I feel I can trust my child's future with.  We have one chance, one opportunity to do not only our civic duty but also our personal duty.  Vote your conscience.  

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