Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Truth

The truth of the matter is no matter how hard you try -- or don't try -- things come up when you have kids.  DH (and you) have a frustrating time trying to rekindle the fire and both are generally left as sexually frustrated as teenagers.

Such is life.

We put aside our needs as individuals to satisfy the needs our children have for us as parents.  I think the fifty shades of reality shows the truth.  My DS has taken to sleeping in DH and my bed so our sex life is virtually nonexistent.  I know co-sleeping is a big issue, our family found it was the only way for my DS to cope with having a father who is only around two days a week because of the out of state work situation.  It's not ideal, but it's working -- sorta -- for our family.

We do what we need to as parents to make sure our children feel safe and secure, the question is when do we toss them out of their safety zone and make them stand on their own?

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